Moving Sales

Moving, whether it is relocating or downsizing, can be a stressful job. In fact, moving is the third most stressful situation in a person’s life.  Most everyone dreads the hard work, investment of time and disruption that moving creates. 

Packing up all your belongings, deciding what to keep and what to let go, then unpacking Downsizingeverything can be an overwhelming task. Make your transition less stressful by allowing us to help with the organization, planning and physical work that a successful move requires. Transitions of Lake County will pack all of your belongings and get them to the new location.

Transitions of Lake County will:

  • Offer a free consultation.
  • Plan your move, whether upsizing, downsizing or rightsizing
  • Help you choose, organize and sort what you want to sell.
  • Professionally pack, coordinate and ship items to new location.
  • Organize and price every single item you want to sell for your maximum return on selling your valuables.
  • Plan, promote and hold a Moving or Estate Sale.
  • Advertise your sale so that you receive the maximum exposure.
  • Bring you the best possible return on your valuables.
  • Advertise in the correct publications.
  • Advertise online on two major Estates and Moving Sales websites.
  • Send notification to several hundred of our loyal followers.
  • Unpack and organize your belongings in the new place (local moves only).

Give us a call at 352-735-8047 or 941-416-1841 (cell) or contact us for a Free consultation!

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